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Moscow Sun Ferris Wheel

📍 Moscow, VDNH

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⏰ 11:00 — 22:00

Moscow Sun is a new ferris wheel at VDNH, the largest in Europe. It opened for visitors on September 10, 2022.

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Overview of the Ferris Wheel

The ferris wheel “Moscow Sun” is the highest in Europe — its height is 140 meters. This corresponds to the size of a skyscraper with 45-46 floors.

The Moscow Sun is the fifth tallest ferris wheel in the world:

#HeightWhere is located
1.250 m.Ain Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2.167 m.High Roller, Las-Vegas, USA
3.165 m.Singapore Flyer, Singapore
4.160 m.Star of Nanchang, Nanchang, Cnina
5.140 m.Moscow Sun, Russia

From the cabins of the highest observation wheel in Moscow you can see 50 kilometers if the weather is good. During the ride you can see the VDNH, skyscrapers of the Moscow City District, the Kremlin Spasskaya Tower, the Bolshoi Theatre building, the White House, Stalin’s high-rise buildings and other sights of the capital — in total over 30 famous places.

The new ferris wheel was built to replace the old one, dismantled in 2016 (named the “850th anniversary of Moscow”, 73 meters high). The old wheel was located near the main entrance of VDNH, but because of the scale of the construction the new wheel cannot be built on the same place, so it was moved to the southern entrance.

The wheel is set in motion 14 electric motors, 200 kilowatts each.

Interesting fact: Moscow Ferris wheel is the same design as the Orlando Eye in Florida, USA. But the American attraction is smaller, its height is 122 meters.

Moscow Sun ferris wheel will be open all year round, except for days with temperatures below -10°C or wind gusts over 15 m/s.


The Ferris wheel “Moscow Sun” is equipped with 30 indoor cabins with a capacity of up to 15 people and an area of 10 square meters. Every sixth cabin has a glass floor. Inside the cabins there are wi-fi, heating and air conditioning systems, lighting, audio guide, information screens.

Each cabin weighs about 4.3 tons. The temperature inside is kept at 22°C degrees.

It is possible to rent a whole cabin and hold your event there. The price is 14900 rubles (€149) for a standart cabin and 29900 rubles (€299) for a cabin with transparent floor. There are 10 standard packages — birthday, bachelor / bachelorette party, romantic date, photo shoot, etc.

On request you can rent a cabin for any individual event — corporate parties, master classes, etc. Everything will be organized according to the customer’s wishes.


Price of tickets for the Moscow Ferris wheel in 2024 (in rubles):

Ticket categoryWeekdaysWeekends
Fast pass21002100
Cabin with transparent floor24002400
Family (2 adults + 1 children)43004300
Family (2 adults + 2 children)56005600
Cabin rental1490014900
Cabin rental (transparent floor)2990029900

Children under three years old can go for free.

Tickets can be purchased on the official website or at the ticket office of the attraction.

Detailed information about the cost and the purchasing process: How to buy a ticket to the Ferris wheel →.

Opening hours

Working hours of the Ferris wheel in Moscow:

  • Monday — Sunday: from 11:00 to 22:00

Exceptions: days with temperatures below -10°C (about 15 days per year) or wind gusts over 15 m/s.


The ferris wheel “Moscow Sun” is located at: 2 Ostankinskaya Street, 3. From the metro station “VDNH” you can walk on foot in 10 minutes.

The entrances to the Ferris wheel are located near the south entrance and the main alley of VDNH.

A detailed guide: How to get to the Ferris wheel in Moscow →

What to see near


Moscow Ferris wheel is located on the border of VDNH, you can walk to the exhibition in a few minutes. There are many pavilions at VDNH, you can visit those that seem interesting or just walk around the park.

Ostankino Tower

Two kilometers from the “Moscow Sun” is the Ostankino TV Tower, the tallest building in Europe and the 15th tallest in the world. The height of the tower is 540 meters, 400 meters higher than the ferris wheel.

The Ostankino TV Tower has an observation deck and several viewing restaurants.

“Moskvarium” oceanarium

Visitors with children will find it interesting to go to the oceanarium “Moskvarium” at VDNH, where there are more than 12,000 sea and freshwater inhabitants. Ticket prices for children start from 750 rubles, for adults — from 1100 rubles.


What is the height of the Ferris wheel in Moscow?
Moscow Sun Ferris Wheel is 140 meters high, about the height of a 45-46-story building. It is the tallest ferris wheel in Europe and Russia, and the fifth tallest in the world.
How long does one turn take?
The ferris wheel takes about 18 minutes and 40 seconds to complete one turn.
Where Ferris wheel is located in Moscow?
The "Moscow Sun" observation wheel is located near VDNH.

The nearest subway is "VNDH", you can walk from it in 10-15 minutes. Also you can get to the wheel by bus, streetcar and monorail. The route and nearest stops of public transport can be found on the page How to get to Moscow Ferris Wheel →.
What are working hours for Moscow Sun ferris wheel?
"Sun of Moscow" is open every day: from 11 AM to 10 PM. The wheel works all year round, except for days when the temperature drops below -10°C.
Can I bring my own drinks and food?
No, you can't bring drinks or food on the Ferris wheel. Treats can be organized only if you rent the whole cabin (for 14900 or 29900 rubles, up to 15 people).
How much is the ticket?
Ticket prices vary depending on the services included. Price of standart tickets for adults and children starts from 1600 rubles on weekdays and weekends.

Ticket prices and all available fares can be found on the Tickets → page.
What are the rules for visiting the attraction with children?
Children under 3 years old can enter the ride for free, but the administration asks to bring documents to confirm the age of the child.

During the ride there can be no more than one stroller in the cabin. The stroller must be secured with brakes.
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